Female/5 years old

Pattie was a scared stray who was trapped from a parking lot and brought in to WSC with 4 of her kittens this past June 2021. When Pattie first came to the shelter she did not like it and hid all the time afraid of everyone and everything...but after being in a safe and warm place where she is fed and talked to, she is now more comfortable and gets along great with all of the other kittens/cats in the room:) If approached very gently, you can get a few pets in once she knows you are kind and she has the most beautiful green eyes!! Pattie is waiting for a very special and patient angel to come in and rescue her to show her what it feels like to be safe and loved in her own furever home...since she has never known any of that in her 3 years here on earth! Pattie LOVES to play! She gets feisty and climbs the cat tree and loves the cardboard scratchers! :) Will you be the one to have love and patience to give this beautiful grey kitty? If you are...she is waiting for YOU! Pattie is fully vetted and up to date on all shots. Adoption fee is $70.