R’s Update: Unfortunately not the best of news

Crunchies 2 Crunchies 3Crunchies 1

We are very worried here about our little Ralphie.  Despite being on an antibiotic he has developed pneumonia.  We are keeping him warm and fed and ask that you keep him in your prayers.  Ronnie’s (tortie) feet are bothering her a lot making her resist our efforts to get her to come out and play.  Rickie (black) seems to be having foot issues too but is walking better than his sister.  Let’s pray that the new antibiotic knocks out the pneumonia and restores Ralphie to his usual smiling self and that all continue to recover.







Two new kitties with broken legs

Broken Leg Cat 2Broken Leg Kitten 4

We were going to be sent to the rainbow bridge before our time just because we have injuries.  It’s a good thing that West Side Cats stepped in or we would be toast.  Kimm knows more about it than Edie, who is putting us on the interwebs, so check our facebook page where Kimm will be telling you the whole story about us tomorrow.

Could you sponsor our spay/neuter surgery?

B W kittens 1 B W kittens 2 B W kittenw 3

We are all done getting big enough and are ready to get fixed so that we can be adopted.  We are as cute as can be and just need some generous people to help with the cost of our surgeries.  If you can help, even a little, click on the paypal button.  We can hardly wait to go home and would be so grateful if you could help us!

We need a foster too!

mom and babies a 1 mom and babies a 2 mom and babies a 3 mom and babies a 4This is another very sweet mommy with her little kittens.  This group is younger needs to be fostered for about 6-8 weeks.  They are seriously adorable and it will be fun to watch them grow up.  Fostering them includes making sure they are fed, cleaned, played with  and generally socialized.  Right now mommy is doing all the work but in a week or two you will be feeding and cleaning up after them.  Call or come in if you want to find out about fostering them.

We need a Foster

mom and babies b 1 mom and babies b 2 mom and babies b 3 mom and babies b 4 mom and babies b 5This little group of kittens with their mommy is a fun and playful group to give you lots of entertainment while you foster them.  The mommy does most of the work and you have most of the fun.   Feed and clean them and keep them safe until they are big enough to have their spay/neuter surgery.  Come by or call us if you are interested in this cool way to contribute to the community.  This is a really sweet mommy.

Janet’s Travelling Garage Sale Saturday 9/6

Garage Sale ClipartGet your SHOP “on” at Janet’s awesome, amazing travelling garage sale.  It will be in the WSC garage and parking lot from 1pm- 6pm.  Janet’s prices cant be beat and she has some really cool stuff up for grabs.  Best of all, everything benefits West Side Cats no-kill rescue and adoption.  NOTHING OVER $10.00 including furniture and most things much less.

The shelter is open from 2pm-6pm so feel free to come in and meet LaPrincessa Smoochie, our paraplegic  shelter mascot and all the kitties in the shelter while you are here.


TiggerTrigger LOVES people and she loves to be cuddled.  If you are looking for a lap cat, Trigger will do nicely.  She’s pretty and petite  and will make a wonderful companion.  She was born 3/1/13 but looks like a kitten.  She will be available for adoption on 8/19.


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