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Bridget would like her own window seat in your house!

May 21st, 2015

Bridget 5

Bridget 4

I would like you to meet Bridget. She is a Brown Tabby cat who was a stray before she came to stay with us here at West Side Cats?. Bridget needs to be an only cat because she thinks she is Queen Bridget! We won’t tell her that she’s not! Bridget loves to be petted and loved. She would make a great companion with no other cats around the house. As you can see, she loves her window seat! Do you have a window seat you could share with Bridget? Bridget says “See you soon”! “Please come pick me”!

Zoey the stair climber!

May 21st, 2015


Zoey 1

Zoey loves the stairs at West Side Cats?! She is a dilute Tortie who loves to be held and petted but she does not want other cats around. She does tolerate the cats that co-exist with her world but she would rather be the center of attention in a home of her own! Her birthday is 1/1/11 so she still has a lot of love to give someone. Won’t you please consider Zoey to give you love and you give her love? She is wonderful! Someone is really missing out without Zoey in their life!

Chevy needs her own dryer!

May 21st, 2015

Chevy 5

Chevy 4

Here is Chevy our silly kitty! She is a Tortie with medium length hair. She was found in a parking lot. She used to hang out on top of our tall dryer but we have had to replace that dryer with a lower one and one of the other cats took over her spot so she is not too happy! Chevy was born on 9/1/11. She has quite the personality and loves to be loved. Chevy really needs a home of her own. Stop by West Side Cats? and visit Chevy. She is awesome!!!! Maybe you have a dryer she would love to hang out on?


May 21st, 2015



Emiri has come a long way in the past few months! She used to stay up high on the shelves when people came into her area (even the volunteers), but now she comes down and loves to be petted and loved! She has learned that we are not going to hurt her. Emiri is still a little shy with strangers but is coming around nicely! It is so nice to be able to pet her!! Her birthdate is 4/1/13 so she is just over 2 years old. She has the greatest markings! She is one of a kind sweetheart! Please come visit Emiri soon as I know someone will snatch her up! Emiri is at West Side Cats? but really wants her own person to love!


May 20th, 2015


Herb 1

Herb is not ready for prime time yet but I wanted to introduce you to him. Herb has to be the most affectionate kitty here at West Side Cats?! He loves to sit in your lap and give you hugs and kisses! He will even fall at your feet to be petted! He has such a great personality! Herb’s date of birth is 4/19/14 – a very young man. Herb had a polyp removed from his right ear. We are waiting to make sure everything is fine before he will be available for adoption. Herb says “Thanks for looking at me”!

Asia is our most laid back cat!

May 20th, 2015


Asia 1

Asia is one of our most laid back cats!!! She just loves to hang out in her bed at West Side Cats?! She was born on 2/25/2010 so she just recently turned five. Asia has so much love to give someone! Are you that special someone? You can come see Asia anytime from 2 – 6 P.M. Tuesday through Saturday here at West Side Cats. We are located at 2217 Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio. Please come check us out and see for yourself! This fantastic group of volunteers does such an amazing job at this Adoption and Rescue No-Kill Shelter! Thank you for everything that you do!

Penelope’s Babies!!!

May 20th, 2015

Penelope and her babies reside at West Side Cats right now. We do need someone to foster this wonderful family. Penelope and the remainder of her babies were saved by a relative of a man who was feeding the kittens to his snake!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe what some people will do!!!!! If you are interested in fostering, please call Kimm Koocher at 330-792-4228! Thanks! We love you all!!!!!

Penelopes Babies

Penelopes Babies 7

Penelopes Babies 6

Penelopes Babies 5

Penelopes Babies 4

Penelopes Babies 3

Penelopes Babies 2

Penelopes Babies 1

Bird and her Babies! – Now in Foster care – Thank you!

May 20th, 2015

Can you just imagine how Bird felt when a small child slam dunked 3 of her babies on the cement and killed them. Then a wonderful good Samaritan came along and stopped all the violence! Bird and her two kitties that were still alive were brought into West Side Cats?! Bird and her babies are doing very well now and are being taken care of. She has also added another little one to her brood. The little black kitten was abandoned so Bird is now taking over as mother. That is amazing! Bird is a wonderful mother!!! This little family does need someone to foster them though. If you can help us out, please call West Side Cats at 330-792-4228 and ask for Kimm Koocher?. Thanks from all of us from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Bird and her Babies

Bird and one of her babies – Now in Foster care – Thank you!

May 20th, 2015

Bird and Baby

This is Bird and one of her babies at West Side Cats! As you can see she is a very protective mom of her children. When I went to get a photo of the little one she came up and got right over her. That is so awesome! Bird and babies are doing very well and she is also nursing another kitten that is not hers. It is amazing that cats do that! Bird and her babies really need a foster home for awhile until the babies are ready to be adopted out. Do you have some time and love to give them? If so, please call West Side Cats at 330-792-4228 and speak with Kimm Koocher. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!!!!

Those Who Dare Enter Here:

May 18th, 2015

Here is Dahli (and Sasha) – she is the office co-assistant along with Sasha at West Side Cats?! She is a beautiful girl. She makes me work for these photos of hers! I especially love the middle photo! Sasha and Dahli greet me warmly every time I come in!


Dahli 2

Dahli 1Sasha3



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