Female/3 years old

Pawmer was found as a stray and someone was feeding her for a few months, but because they were unable to keep her, they brought her in to West Side Cats on 8/23/23 for a chance at getting adopted and being loved in her very own home and off of the streets :) Pawmer is beautiful and she likes to talk! She doesn't seem to like the other cats in the rooms right now but we are unsure if it is because she is new to the shelter, or just likes to be by herself. Pawmer likes to play with the feather wand and other toys in the rooms! She is so soft and sweet and the people who brought her in said she was ok with their dog. Pawmer is adorable and friendly and waiting for YOU! Please come in and meet her! Pawmer is fully vetted and up to date on all shots. Adoption fee is $80.