Female/11 years old

Oh Shortcake!! This tiny little gal is estimated to be over 10 years old....she was a stray being fed by people who were moving and did not know if the people who moved in after them would feed her, so they brought her in to West Side Cats in August to be safe and hoping that someone would open their hearts and home to this sweet little angel! Shortcake is SO cute!!! She is a petite little old girl and she LOVES chicken Temptation treats and to use the cardboard scratchers!! We would love for her to be in a home and out of the shelter, as it is no place for a senior kitty :( We would love someone to be a Foster-to-Adopt family to her! Could you be the one to show this baby what it feels like to be safe and loved in a home?!! She is so deserving of love after living as a stray outside for who knows how long?? She doesn't seem to mind the other cats and loves attention and to nap in comfy spots...please come in and meet Shorty!! We love her and want her to experience being loved in a home :) Stop in and meet her and ask about the Foster to Adopt! "Please come in and meet me!" Says Shortcake xoxoxo