Male/2 years old

Handsome Ven was found by a lady with his sister Elle on Rt. 11 as strays and brought in to West Side Cats 6/9/23 for a chance at finding a loving and safe forever home. This grey tabby has the softest fur, the most gorgeous eyes and the most beautiful grey stripes! I might add that he has THE CUTEST TOES, TOO! Oh he is a PRIZED biscuit maker! Ven likes to talk and flop over to give you his belly to pet and will follow you all around just wanting to be loved and petted :) He is truly the sweetesy boy! His sister Elle...a petite and cutie pie tabico (tabby and calico) is more shy and hides in the cupboards with Ven, however Ven will usually come out when he feels safe to say "Hi" to people, but Elle stays in the cupboards :( You can tell Ven protects his sister and they rub heads together so adorably :) We would love to see them get adopted together! They have been through so much....surviving the streets together...maybe even abandoned...and found on a busy highway and saved! Ven is a handsome sweetheart who has so much love to give! Please come in and meet him and you may have to peek in the cupboards to find Ven and Elle! Ven is fully vetted and up to date on all shots. Adoption fee is $70. Special bonded adoption fee for Ven & his sister Elle of $100.