Female/1 year old

Gorgeous gold eyed Ziploc was found in a sealed Rubbermaid tote with her mom Rubbermaid and another sibling and left outside of West Side Cats, luckily found by one of volunteers who was driving by on her way home and was thankfully able to save them! Ziploc is very shy for a kitten her age, but consider all she has been through....probably a stray with her momma fending for themselves out in the cold and then thrown in a tote scared to death. If you approach her slowly she will let you pet her head...but if she runs....don't think it's just you that she runs from...she is still learning how to trust humans and will need someone patient who is understanding of her feelings :) She loves to snuggle up in comfy beds, nibble on some treats, and bird watch out the windows :) Her gorgeous golden wide eyes are always on alert and I bet she will make a great protector! :) And look at those beautiful white whiskers for dayssss!! Please don't overlook her and let her grow up in a shelter like so many of the other shy kitties do....she needs you the most :) Ziploc is fully vetted and up to date on all shots. Adoption fee is $100.