Female/3 years old

Foxy is a beautiful tabico kitty cat (Tabby & Calico) who was brought in to WSC as a stray by a lady who was feeding her in her yard, but wanted a better life for her. Foxy hangs out in the kitten rooms because she is extremely shy and hides a lot, as she is not used to being in a shelter around other cats and is just used to being on her own...however she is coming out more often now! Although she is very shy, she will let you reach in the pet bed and pet her head gently or if she is out and approach her can pet her head! Foxy gets along with the kittens in the room and seems very patient with them :) I just know that if a patient, loving and special person comes into meet her and gives her a chance, she can finally have the safe and loving home that she deserves and come out of her shell! Please come in and meet FoXy! Foxy is fully vetted and up to date on all shots. Adopton fee is $70.