Male/3 years old

Spanky got discovered by a special cat lady that helps ferals and mommy cats with baby kittens.  If the kitties are friendly and adoptable, she contacts us and if we have the room, we take them to be adopted into their furever homes.   She also helps take care of feral colonies, making sure that the kitties are all TNR'd and receive a rabies shot and then.returns them back to their colony.  Around the first week of November, she came across a feral colony in Austintown and immediately knew that Spanky was not feral, he was friendly and wanted to go with her.  She obliged him.  He came to WSC where it was discovered he was already neutered.  The rest of Spanky's vet care was done and he is officially looking for his new family.  His adoption fee is $80.00.  We feel he would probably get along in most homes and with people, dogs are unknown as is small children.  Come give Spanky a visit, he will win you over and he will want to become your family's new BFF.  A win - win for all!!!