Male/3 years old

Diesel was hanging out at a hotel parking lot in Austintown.  He would visit the hotel to meet and greet visitors and travelers hoping they would feed him.  He would cross over the street to the truck stop and beg for food from the truckers.  A lady that stopped at the hotel noticed Diesel and made some calls to rescues to see if Diesel could be helped.  He had an injury to his tail.  Because of the extent of the injury, his tail had to be partly amputated.  Diesel has fully recovered and the rest of his vet work was completed and updated.  Diesel is a gentle soul, he is on the shy side. But once you pet him, talk to him and scratch his ears and chin, he relaxes.  We don't know what Diesel's prior life was like, or who, if anyone loved him, but we believe with the right family and home, he will be put at ease and learn to love and be loved.  A quiet home is probably best and a family that understands he needs to heal and trust.  Could you be the family that helps Diesel begin a new chapter with a happy ending?  Come visit with Diesel, he is considered special needs, his adoption fee is $70.00.