Male/2 years old

Bennon was brought to WSC by the Great Dane Rescue of Pennsylvania in June of 2019.  He was left at their shelter in a cage and they contacted us to see if we could could help out by taking him.  We did.  Bennon is very shy and cowers when approached.  Once,  however, after you talk to him and pet him, he calms down.  He was probably born to a feral mom and had little human contact.  We feel, with the right environment and home, Bennon can learn to trust.  He gets along with the other kitties at the shelter, but probably no dogs or young children.  A quiet household would be best.  If you would like to add another furbaby to your family or adopt Bennon as an only kitty, he would be very grateful.  His vet work is complete, his adoption fee is $70.00.  Bennon needs a break at having a furever family, could you help him get one?