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Yoda – little Yoda!

November 14th, 2015

What can I say about Yoda? He is so cute! He was brought into West Side Cats? with his litter mates at 2 days old. They were not expected to live with their cords all wrapped around each other. After some loving fostering by one of our awesome volunteers – lo and behold at about 10 weeks old – Little Yoda is being your typical kitten by bouncing off the walls (and everything else)! Yoda was born on 8/21/2015. Yoda was residing at West Side Cats until yesterday when he packed his cat carrier and traveled over to PetSmart in Niles where I know he will quickly find his Furrever home! Yoda is such a love bug! You won’t be able to resist! Also look for his brother Boba Feit over there! You might just want to adopt them together! _DSC0019



November 14th, 2015

This is Gracie! She helps me out a lot at West Side Cats with the clerical aspect of my volunteer work! Gracie is a Dark Tortie – Orange and Black. She has a medium length beautiful coat of fur. Gracie is a Special Needs Cat because she is blind in her left eye. She would make someone a very special Senior Companion. She will sit on your lap for hours to be petted. She is so friendly and wonderful! Gracie came to the West Side Cats? on October 30, 2015 so she hasn’t been here long, but she sure has seemed to settle in! We would love for a person or persons on the quieter part of the scale to adopt her for the companionship she so desires and deserves. She is roughly 7 years old, we are not exactly sure of her age. She gets along with other cats. Not sure about dogs due to no exposure around the shelter. Children I’m not sure about simply because of her blindness in that one eye along with her quietness and gentleness. They would have to be very gentle with Gracie. Gracie is a very special feline! I love her so much! I know you would also! We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 2 to 6 P.M. and we are located at 2217 Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown. Gracie says “Love You and Thanks for looking”! _DSC0003


Faeden was adopted!

November 14th, 2015

_DSC0012_DSC0011This is Faeden when she was at West Side Cats the other day. She can now be visited at PetSmart in Niles. She has an interesting story to tell. Faeden was accidentally dropped by her Momma Cat who was running through a nearby neighborhood. She wandered around for quite awhile begging for food and love! A nice young man found her and brought her to West Side Cats?! Thank you young man!! Now Faeden would love a family of her own! She came into the shelter on 9/19/15. She went over to PetSmart in Niles yesterday – 11/13/15. She seems to get along well with other cats. I think she would love children. We are not sure about dogs? .Faeden was born on 3/29/15. She is just so darn cute and loves to run from one room to the next. She will keep you entertained that is for sure! Please go see Faeden and give her a wonderful home for the Holidays!!!! Thanks!!

Shalimar says “Happy Thanksgiving”!

November 13th, 2015


Just wanted to post this photo I took yesterday at West Side Cats! I was sitting with Shalimar who owns the front office and I set up this shot without even realizing that the turkey was also in the shot! Shalimar told me she can’t wait for Thanksgiving! She expects a full course dinner Kimm! Get your food shopping on! Of course our star of the show is up for adoption. There is an interest in her but as of right now she is still waiting for her Furrever home where she can have a real Thanksgiving dinner with you! Stop by 2217 Mahoning Ave and celebrate early with all our turkeys (oops – cats and kittens)! We love them all!

Chloe – (November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month)

November 10th, 2015



Chloe is a really special girl! She turned 10 on 2/1/2005 so she really needs a very quiet home being the only pet. Chloe is so mild mannered and laid back. She doesn’t bother the other cats and kind of does her own thing. She is also very affectionate and loves to be made a fuss over. She came to us when her owner had to go to a nursing home and it broke the owner’s heart to have to give Chloe up! We reassured her that Chloe would be well taken care of and we will try and try to get Chloe another Furrever home that she so deserves. She has made the adjustment very well and I know that she would be able to do it again.

Can you find it in your heart to give Chloe a warm and wonderful home of her own? Chloe can melt your heart with her goodness! Please come visit with Chloe and I just know you will want to take her home with you! West Side Cats is located at 2217 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44509. Or call 330-792-4228. Chloe will be standing by waiting for your arrival! Chloe says Thank You to all of you out there! Let’s give Chloe an awesome Furrever home for the Holidays! I can see her with a Santa hat on next to your Christmas tree!

Daryl – King of the World!

November 9th, 2015

For all the world to see: Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness – King Daryl!!! Daryl is considered a Special Needs cat because he is very nervous and he has been given to us as a feral cat. He was being fed outside by a wonderful person who then brought him in when the weather turned colder. So he has had interaction with people. It would take a very special person(s) to work with Daryl. You must have a lot of patience and time and never allow him to be outside again. Daryl just had a birthday on 11/6 and he turned 2. Daryl has a lot of years to live out. I would hate to see him never get a home. He is a beautiful boy! He has never been aggressive with me, just nervous and timid. As you can see he is a beautiful orange cat! He is a big boy! I love Daryl! He can be visited at West Side Cats? any Tuesday through Saturday from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. Please come introduce yourself to Daryl and give him a chance at a wonderful life at your house! Daryl would be worth every moment and thanks you for just reading this. Daryl thinks he is just misunderstood. He comes down when it is time to eat and interacts with the volunteers and the other cats. I would not recommend having a dog with him though just because we don’t know his background. I think he would like a quiet home so he can learn to trust again. Love Daryl. _DSC0035



November 8th, 2015





November 7th, 2015

Back at the West Side Cats a very pretty and delightful Marisol wants to say hello! She asks if you might want to give her a home? She is about 1 1/2 years young (1/1/2014) with a wonderful personality. She fits into the mix here at West Side but really doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with us. I don’t blame her! She gets along very well with the other cats. I would have to say that dogs and children are fine with her too. She is on the quiet side but very loving and caring. She loves to be fawned over. Come and plead with Marisol to let you take her home with you. I just know that she will find the right person(s)! When you meet her you won’t be able to resist! We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. Come and see her and the rest of our gang! You might just get addicted to the place like I have!_DSC0017



November 7th, 2015


_DSC0043Meet our sleek and beautiful Asia here at West Side Cats! Asia turned 5 on 2/25/15 and she is certainly a wonderful girl! She is a little on the timid side. Just approach her slowly and offer to let her sniff your hand and then pet her. Asia is just fine all by herself (she does get along with the other cats) but we prefer her to go to a home with no other pets in the home. Not sure how she does with children. Asia has been at the shelter for awhile now and really, really wants her Furrever home! Can you accommodate her with her request? You won’t regret it! Asia has plenty of love to give to that someone special! Stop by West Side Cats Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 P.M. and come pet Asia! She really deserves her Furrever home soon! Asia sends her love, purrs and kisses!

Just “Hanging around West Side Cats”

November 6th, 2015

Just some more “Hanging around West Side Cats” photos! It’s all in a days “volunteer” work! I love every single feline in the Shelter!!!!! Look who is waiting for his bath – Orange!!!! As soon as you get near the water he changes his mind! LOL!!!!


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