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Lucy Lou – Adopted

May 3rd, 2015


Lucy Lou has already been adopted!! Thank you!
Lucy Lou is an adventurous female Tabby who strayed onto someone’s farm. She comes when you call her. She would rather eat kibble over canned food. She is about 8 months old. Lucy Lou is really a sweetheart but she will certainly let you know when she wants something! Come say hi to Lucy Lou! She loves people!

Mercury – Adopted

May 3rd, 2015



Mercury has already been adopted!! Thank you!!

Mercury is a Black/White Male who was born on 3/19/13 so he just barely turned 2! He has short hair and beautiful markings! The unique thing about him is that he had his tail surgically removed. He is so loving and loves to lay there while you pet him! Please come see him soon!

Volunteer Position in Boardman

May 2nd, 2015

Volunteer Position in Boardman. Very light cleaning (sometimes). There will be interacting with the Public and the cats. This will be for 3 hours a night on the same day each week. You will help people adopt kitties. This job can be for one day per week or six days. If you could take on even one night, please talk to Kimm Koocher here at West Side Cats. 330-792-4228. Thanks!Bear-Cub

Cats at the shelter 4/28

April 29th, 2015

Just Waiting!

April 29th, 2015

Another Kitty just waiting to be adopted at West Side Cats? in Youngstown, Ohio!I'm-Waiting

Waiting for You!

April 29th, 2015


Just hanging out together at the West Side Cats? waiting for people to come see us!


April 28th, 2015

Hello World – it is me Squeaky! I am a young (4/22/14) Buff and White Female Feline. People don’t get to pet me very much because I am extremely scared! I promise if you take me home and work with me, I will love you and you will love me! Come on out to West Side Cats? and visit me! Hope to see you soon!Squeaky-2


Abused Himmy girl Dhali finds her way to WSC – Dhali was adopted!!!

April 28th, 2015

DhaliDhali was rescued after a man investigated a group of kids outside his apartment building attacking an animal with stones and sticks.

After he chased the kids away, he found this lovely little Himmy staring up at him and waiting to be picked up.

Dhali should never have been out on the street. She is a very small cat, and declawed in front. She walks kind of funny, leaving us to wonder if she doesn’t have a tich of CH as well.

We will take her over to the vet tomorrow for testing and a checkup. In the meantime, she is resting comfortably in her new cushy bed and chowing down on Kitten Chow.
West Side Cats’s photo.

Pee Wee crosses the rainbow bridge

April 27th, 2015

Pee-WeeToday we made the tough decision to say goodbye to Pee Wee, and he was humanely put to sleep at the vet’s office. He presented with extreme neurological symptoms on Wednesday, most likely from a stroke. The vet treated him with antibiotics and steroids, and we set him up at the shelter in a private room with a heated bed. He improved daily, and when volunteers checked on him this morning he was walking around and had been eating on his own.
The volunteer who was servicing his room found him an hour or so later in crash position and having grand mal seizures. The vet thinks he had a second stroke, much worse than the first. He was suffering and was not going to recover, the seizures were too intense and did too much damage.
Everybody here is going to miss him very much, he was a quiet, older soul it was impossible not to love. I pray that he is at the Rainbow Bridge and restored to youth and health, with forever ahead of him to bask in the sun and play in the fields of flowers.

Sonny was Adopted!!!!

April 27th, 2015


Sonny is nine years old, and last week his owners moved away and left him locked up in the apartment to fend for himself.

A bag of cat food was left behind, and Sonny managed to tear it open and avoid going hungry. Water was becoming a bit problematic, but luckily the landlady went into the apartment before things got urgent. She brought him to West Side Cats. After we did his healthcare he was taken to PetSmart in Niles.

He’s a gorgeous longhaired boy. Come meet him at PetSmart from 9-11am or 6-8pm when our volunteer is there.

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Visit our adoptable cats and kittens at Petco during store hours. Petco is located at:

317 Boardman Poland Road, Boardman, OH 44512


Visit our adoptable kitties at PetSmart in Niles:

5812 Youngstown Warren Rd, Niles, OH 44446

Our volunteer is there from 9-11am and 6-8pm.

In Boardman, come visit our kitties on South Ave. next to Giant Eagle. The official address is: 1101 Doral Dr Poland, Ohio 44514.

Our volunteers are there from 6-9pm