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Archive for the ‘Location: At Shelter Now!’ Category

We have Foster Moms for these kittens! Thank you everyone!!!!!!!! URGENT!!!!!! 4 baby kitties who need Fostering – Bottle Babies! URGENT!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

We found Foster Moms for these kittens! Thanks to everyone who responded and offered help! It was so appreciated!!! I’m sure there will be more kittens in our future. Thank you again!

!URGENT!!!!!!!! West Side Cats found 4 baby kitties dumped outside right by their dumpster! We need a Foster Mom who can bottle feed right away! With all my friends on here in the Youngstown area, I’m sure there must be someone out there that wants to Foster 4 kittens for a few weeks? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! Their lives may depend on it! URGENT!!!!!!! Please call the Shelter at 330-792-4228 and ask for Kimm and/or Jane!


Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

At West Side Cats, Oliver is a very handsome White and Grey Cat who was brought in to us on 4/20/16. Oliver is a really great cat! He gets along with the cats in the shelter, gets along great with dogs and loves children! Oliver will be only two on June 2nd of this year. He was found in Youngstown and a very kind person brought him in to see us. You will fall in love with Oliver! He is so awesome! He loves to play and of course eat! Please come in and say hi to Oliver – he just may want to take you home!
Oliver 2



Our shy, scared and silly Piper!

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Here is Piper! She is very scared because after her family had a baby they no longer needed her in their home after that was all she knew! They said the baby was allergic to Piper. Piper is a beautiful, sweet and funny girl who will be only 4 on 6/30/16. Piper came in on 4/13/16 and has been hiding under a cat bed for most of the time she has been there. She is extremely shy around animals and children. Jane and I were working with her the other day and look what she did for us! She was posing for animal crackers and being really silly! Of course I cropped Jane out of the photos – poor Jane! So Piper is an awesome cat – she just needs a wonderful “Furrever” home where people really want her and love her. She can be the biggest love bug ever when she lets you get to know her! Stop by West Side Cats to see her! Piper hangs out in the break room which is the room right after the office as you come in. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 P.M. Thanks! Love, hugs and purrs from Piper!
Piper 1


Paprika – spicing things up at West Side Cats!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

We are spicing things up at West Side Cats with the arrival of Paprika! Paprika is a female Dilute Calico who was trapped In a feral colony of cats in the Chicago area. She is such a cutie! She was born around 1/1/15 so she is just over a year old. We don’t know anything about her background. She does get along with the other cats here though. What her interaction with dogs and children we are not sure about. Paprika is a little shy but once you stop and pet her and give her attention she becomes a purring factory!! First chance you get please come to West Side Cats at 2217 Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio 44509. Come in and ask to see Paprika and of course all her friends! Take home some spice today!Paprika 1


Harper is here! Harper was adopted!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Here at West Side Cats Harper came in about a couple of weeks ago. He was extremely scared. He is a big Orange cat who was surrendered because his owner was moving to a place that did not allow cats. Harper is just over 4 years old – 1/1/12. He does not like the other cats and spends most of the day hiding on them. We are not sure about dogs but I would say probably not with him being timid. He does love to lay on people and get picked up. We are working with him to come out of his timidness. The other night I was in the front office and I watched him peeking out from the glass in the other room. He is doing better but it is going to take someone to really love him and work with him. Harper is a really nice cat who has just undergone some heartbreak and needs a home of his own where he can be an only cat. School age kids would be ok. So please stop by West Side Cats anytime Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. Please give Harper a second chance at a great life! Thanks!Harper


Janet’s Garage Sale coming soon! Friday, May 13th 3 – 6 P.M. and Saturday, May 14th from 11 – 4 P.M.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

OK everyone! Spring is on it’s way here in Northeast Ohio believe it or not! It is just about “Garage Sale” time for West Side Cats! Located at 2217 Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown, OH 44509. We will be having a “Presale Garage Sale” on Friday, May 13th from 3 – 6 P.M. and then having the Garage Sale continue on Saturday, May 14th from 11 to 4 P.M. Of course all proceeds benefit the West Side Cats Shelter! We will also have a table of cat toys, T-shirts, bottled water, etc. to purchase also funding the shelter. Please mark your calendars for this great “Garage Sale Blow-Out Weekend”! Let’s start Spring off with a bang!! The cats and kittens really need our help! Janet will be running her Garage Sale so if you have any questions, please ask for her. Janet has been doing this for years and really does a great job of it for WSC! Thank you Janet and everyone who helps out with this great event!Mittens with Bling

Sweet Pea blooms in the Spring!

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Since it’s springtime (although some days you wouldn’t know it) I think it is appropriate to show off one of the cats at West Side Cats who is named Sweet Pea! She is a beautiful Grey and White cat who came into the shelter on March 29th so she hasn’t been here very long. Her sister Dafodil (who was hiding on me) came in together. Sweet Pea kind of backed up when I went to pat her but then she started purring and enjoyed it. So Sweet Pea would take a little bit of time to come around but not much I don’t think. Absolutely no dogs for Sweet Pea! She does not like them at all. She gets along fine with other cats though. I heard through the grapevine that she loves children!! So when you have some time on your hands take a springtime walk or drive to West Side Cats and come in and visit Sweet Pea, her sister Dafodil and all our other cats that reside here! Hopefully one of these awesome cats will adopt you!!!! You can even think about having both Sweet Pea and Dafodil adopt YOU!!!!!Sweet Pea 1

Sweet Pea

Pinkie is an assistant mascot to Mittens here at West Side Cats! She will be making public appearances and has already been on the Louie B. Free radio show!!! (Not for adoption).

Thursday, April 7th, 2016


At West Side Cats we seem to have a new celebrity! This is Pinkie! Pinkie is about 6 months old born around 10/31/15. She is a beautiful female Torbie! She was part of a group of cats that came to us from Chicago a few days ago. Pinkie was found out on the street trying to live like this – she is paralyzed! Her back is broken! We are not sure how that happened. But thankfully she is in good hands and Dr. Allen is doing laser treatments with her to see if we can get any improvement in her back legs. She speeds around like no ones business! She can manage the cart but she is only starting out for a few minutes at a time and it is a little too big for her! But she is trying!

Yesterday she had a very busy day! First she went to visit Louie B. Free on his radio show and then in the afternoon she was at Dr. Allen’s for her treatment! Please let’s just pray we see some improvement in this young lady! But in the meantime Pinkie does not consider herself handicapped at all! This photo of her is going on to the next set of T-shirts! What do you think? She will be sketched from this photo! We would appreciate any feedback!

We love the Pinkie!
Louie and Pinkie


Mama Kitty (and her small world)!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Okay then! I had a little fun with one of these photos! This is how I can picture the world being like if our cats took over! This is “Mama Kitty”. She was born on 11/15/14 so she still has a lot of loving and living to do! Mama is a wonderful Tiger Striped Cat who came in to the shelter as a stray with her kittens (hence the name). Mama Kitty watched all her babies get homes but she is still here waiting for her turn to get her “Furrever” home!!!!!

Please check out Mama Kitty and let her come take over your house today! She is adorable and so lovable! Gets along with other cats. She seems to relate well with children as long as they are good with her of course. Don’t know about dogs? WSC is open Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 P.M. Mama Kitty can’t wait to meet you!!!!! Mama Kitty 1

Mama Kitty

Jingles (aka Lillian)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way —— Oh wait! My mistake – it’s Jingles the cat here at West Side Cats! Jingles is an absolutely beautiful Dilute Tortie. She really likes the older kids so if you have any older kids she would love to meet them! She is about 3 1/2 years old (8/25/12). Jingles (aka Lillian) is more of a relaxed lap cat. Jingles likes to be an only cat and should probably be adopted into a home that doesn’t have any other cats. We don’t have a background as far as dogs are concerned. Please come and visit WSC as soon as you get a chance! Jingles aka Lillian will be waiting “with bells on”!

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