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Archive for the ‘Females Only’ Category

(Silly) Joan!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Joan is a very silly cat as you can see! Joan turned 1 on May 1, 2016. She is a wonderful Brown Tabby! She gets along very well with other cats. We are not sure about dogs or children but she is good natured so I would have to say older children are okay. Please come see silly Joan at the shelter! She would love to have a family that she can be silly with! Love Joan!
Joan 6


Shelby! (No not the car – the cat silly)!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Last week I spotted a Shelby! Wow – it was gorgeous! Well I did see a Mustang Shelby on TV that I thought was awesome but I’m actually talking about the cat named Shelby at the West Side Cats shelter!! Shelby was found as a stray in Canfield, OH and she is just too wonderful to be left outside! Shelby turned 3 on 1/1/16. She is a beautiful Calico that I just can’t believe someone would let wander. I just have to think that her owners are looking for her? Shelby does get along with the other cats here. She seems to really love kids and is very gentle and kind. We do not know about dogs. Won’t you come and take home a Shelby today? She will make someone a very lovable and awesome kitty cat!!!


Lisa (Yes Bart’s Sister)! Lisa has been adopted!!!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

As promised, here is Lisa, Bart’s Sister! She was also born on 2/15/16 and is a cute little White with Orange Kitten! We would like to see Bart and Lisa adopted together if at all possible! They run and play together and are so well bonded! Come in and meet with Lisa (and Bart). I know you can’t resist!

Beautiful Brenda!

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

OK everyone. I have a little story about this beautiful female Calico with medium length hair who is about 2 1/2 years old. Her name is Brenda. Brenda was over groomed (I knew that could happen but I had never seen it). The owner came in with Brenda and asked Kimm if she could take a look at her. Then the owner asked if we could take the cat. We agreed to take Brenda and Kimm asked if she would be able to donate to us towards the care of Brenda. The lady then told Kimm that her checkbook was out in the car and then proceeded to drive away! If you can’t give a donation just tell us instead of sneaking away. Well Brenda is a sweetheart of a cat! She doesn’t bother the other cats. Not sure about kids and/or dogs? She is very friendly with people and loves to be petted! She is a beautiful girl!Brenda 1


Sad, sad Minnie! Minnie has been adopted!!!!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

OK. Everyone who knows me knows that I will never use anyone’s name on this site or any other site as not to embarrass them and I won’t stop now – BUT I will certainly tell it like it is and this one really makes me mad! Minnie is a beautiful female Tiger Tabby cat who was adopted out quite awhile ago from West Side Cats. Now we all know that a pet is a “Forever” adoption through thick and thin and good and bad! Well one day this nicely dressed “gentleman” drove up to WSC in a “nice car” and brought Minnie back after having her not one day, not one week, not one month, not even one year! He told us that Minnie “NO LONGER FIT THEIR LIFESTYLE” as they had just gotten a puppy!!!!! WOW!!!! Poor Minnie! Also as you know I generally place a background in my photos if the background is cluttered or whatever as I did in my last post. BUT when I went to get a photo of Minnie, I found her hiding on a shelf in the laundry room in the closet that has no door on it. I did crop the photos and fixed them up but I didn’t bother replacing the background. She is hiding between the paper towels and some empty bottles. Look at the sadness on her face!!!!! It just breaks my heart!!!! Minnie did nothing to deserve this return!!! I know there is someone out there who would give Minnie a great life “for the rest of her life”! Thank you! Minnie is a very loveable cat and would make an awesome addition to your family!
Minnie 1


Where are you Cuddles?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

At West Side Cats the other day, Zach and I went hunting for a cat named Cuddles! We were looking everywhere and knew she had to be in the downstairs kitten and/or special needs room. Well we finally found her – or should I say Zach did! Cuddles was hiding on us as she is somewhat new to her shelter life. We did manage to coax her out of her hiding area because she poked her head out long enough for me to get a shot! Cuddles is a beautiful black cat who was born around 1/1/2012 so she is about 4 1/2 years young! She is shy being fairly new but she will definitely come around! We don’t have much background on her either. Dogs are unknown on how Cuddles would react. I think school age kids and adults would be absolutely fine with her once she comes around. The volunteers as well as myself work with the cats when they come in to get them adjusted socially. Some take longer than others. I don’t think it will take Cuddles long to become very social! She is a wonderful cat! Come take a chance on Cuddles! Cuddles 1


Little Bit! Has been adopted!!!!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

OK. Long weekend over – time to get back to my volunteer duties! Introducing Bit!!! Bit came into the West Side Cats shelter without much background on her. She is a cute female gray cat roughly around 4 1/2 years old. She loves to be petted and gets along with the other cats here. I bet she would get along with school age kids and adults but not sure about little ones. We do not dog test so I can’t say how she gets along with dogs. But all in all Bit is a very nice, friendly little girl! Please stop by and see her! She is just waiting for another “Furrever” home to go to! Won’t you be the one that Bit adopts?
Bit 1


West Side Cats has their own planet “Mars”! – Mars has been adopted!!!!!

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

At West Side Cats, I thought I was on another planet when I was introduced to Mars! Mars has been there a little while. Mars is on the quieter side and very friendly! Mars was a stray outside and the nice person who found her had 2 dogs and really couldn’t keep Mars as much as they would have wanted to! Mars turned 1 on January 1, 2016. Mars is a beautiful Calico! We have no history on Mars so we are not sure about children and dogs. She seems to have no problem around other cats. She was once someone’s pet and she would love to be someone’s pet again soon! Mars absolutely loves to be petted! Please stop by West Side Cats and come see “Mars”! You will be happy that you did!
Mars 1


Tinker! Can be seen at PetSmart in Boardman! Tinker was adopted!!!!!!

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Tinker came in to our shelter at West Side Cats on 4/15/16. Tinker came in with the help of a Real Estate Agent who found her left at a rental property! Tinker is a very nice cat that didn’t deserve to be left behind like that! Tinker is about 2 years old. She is a Dilute Tortie who has been microchipped so obviously someone loved her at some time. Sad, but now that Tinker is with us she has a chance at a wonderful life! Right now Tinker is at PetSmart in Boardman and Debbie was kind enough to send us these photos! Thank you Debbie! Please go see Tinker – she is wonderful! She would make a great addition to your family!


Cammie! Not available just yet – just wanted to introduce her! We will keep you posted!

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Here is none other than the beautiful and delightful Cammie! Cammie was dropped off at a ladies house along with her sibling Zaura (not shown). The nice lady couldn’t keep them so she brought them to West Side Cats to find their “Furrever” homes! Cammie is a Female Tri-color Tortie who is very affectionate and loving. Cammie and Zaura can be adopted together or each on their own. We know they like other cats but children and dogs are unknown at this time. Cammie said to stop in and visit her and her sister Zaura and all their friends! We are open Tues – Sat 2 to 6 P.M. Thanks and Purrs from all the “Furheads”!
Cammie 6

Cammie 7

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