Kit Kat

???????????????????????????????Kit Kat is a sweetheart and so beautiful. She’s got wonderful markings and gorgeous eyes and she’s really loving. She came from a hoarder house and would really like to go to her own forever home. She was born 1/1/2011. Come meet her at the shelter.

4 Step

???????????????????????????????Birthdate 8/1/2009. Meet 4 Step. She was named because of the 4 step-like stripes of color on her back. She’s a sweet but shy calico who came from a hoarding house. It’s time for her life to be turned around by a loving adopter. Come meet her at the shelter.


Lucy is a 9 year old sweetie who came to the shelter with her sister Ethyl when their owner passed away.  She loves attention and gives plenty of affection in return.  We would love for the two sisters to be adopted together although a single adoption would be okay.  Come and meet this cutie at the shelter.       Birthdate 5/1/2004.


BubblesBubbles was accidentaly poisoned by a Hartz flea bath followed by a Hartz flea collar.  She spent the last week in the hospital where is was very touch and go.  When she finally started eating again we were able to bring her back to the shelter.   Unfortunately, all of the other cats seem to be upsetting Bubbles a bit.  She would like a quiet home where she can relax and devote herself to you.  She looks like a typical tuxedo cat but she’s actually a calico courtesy of the cutest orange spot you ever saw covering her back foot.   She’s still missing lots of fur due to the flea infestation but with the fleas gone the fur is growing back.  She was obviously loved sometime in her life as evidenced by her girth (she’s a little overweight).  Come meet her at the shelter.  All her healthcare is done and she is ready to go home and be loved by you.

Help us rescue cats like Bubbles by contributing to the shelter (tax deductible of course).

Monkey and McKenzie

Birthdate: July 1, 2009

Monkey and McKenzie have  Cerebellar Hypoplasia, an underdevelopement in the balance center of the brain.  They are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.  Both have mild CH and are able to climb and all the normal kitty stuff.  You might notice a slightly awkward walk but that’s about all.

They were left to fend for themselves when their owner abandoned them.  When another rescue group was contacted they took them immediately but didn’t really have room for them.   We said yes when they called us.  Monkey, a brown tabby, is shy but slowly warms up when he gets to know you.  McKenzie, a calico,  is very shy and gets along with other cats more than she does with people.  She will be your friend when it’s feeding time.

Their adoption fee is $70 including the two of them.  Come meet them at the shelter.